Friday, September 17, 2010

With Persistent Unemployment & Record Numbers in Poverty, Protesters Declare a Jobs Emergency

On September 15, Jobs with Justice coalitions and allies in more than 100 cities nationwide brought the voices of workers, community members, and the unemployed into the debate on how to move forward on a jobs plan that would put people back to work immediately.  With 15 million people out of work and one in seven  Americans living below the official poverty line, the time is now for Congress to take bold action to move the country towards full and fair employment and to ensure that Wall Street pays their fair share.

Jobs with Justice coalitions organized a wide range of events to send a message:  If Congress won't act to create jobs, then maybe they don't deserve to have jobs.  JwJ activists were in the streets to demand that Congress create and save jobs through legislation like the Local Jobs for America Act, extension of the TANF emergency fund, and action on President Obama's call to invest in the country's infrastructure as well as to extend unemployment insurance and pass legislation that ensures Wall Street paytheir fair share. 

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice held a rally for fair jobs, full employment, and funding for public services in front of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and in view of City Hall. A group of approximately 100 activists rallied to demand an end to local tax breaks for big business, protection of public services in the city, and adoption of national, pro-worker legislation, especially the Local Jobs for America Act.

Here are some photos of the Philly scene graciously provided by JwJ activist Jesse W. Brown. (Click on an image to enlarge.)

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