Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Nation Rally, this Saturday: Sign up by 5 pm tomorrow, and get a free seat down from Center City!

Awesome update: Thanks to the good folks at 1199c and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, we are now offering seating from both Sam Fels High School up in North Philly, and from 1199c's headquarters in Center City at 1319 Locust Street. John Hundzynski of 1199c also mentioned that they'll have free boxed lunches on their bus. And some of those great looking t-shirts that they had at the city Labor Day parade.

If you want to join JwJ activists taking the 1199c bus from 1319 Locust, you MUST sign up BEFORE 5 PM tomorrow (Thursday), so that they'll have a headcount. Register using our form over at SurveyMonkey. The bus will be leaving at 6 a.m. sharp from 1319 Locust street; please be sure to be on time.

There is also still room available for JwJers on the PFT bus from Sam Fels High School, which you can register for here. My apologies for any confusion about the other two PFT bus locations--PFT is only able to offer free transportation for non-PFT members going from Sam Fels.

This is a rally you want to be at. We need full employment and fair jobs, and Washington needs to hear that from us. Between Glenn Beck's Tea Party rally last month and the noise the Stewart/Colbert folks are making with their parody events, the press is suddenly interested in talking about rallies. We have a crucial message, and we have a tremendous opportunity to deliver it not just to Washington, but to the entire country.

Saturday, 10/2. Get excited!

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