Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PMA, No Sick-Pay? No, Tax Money!

Philadelphian's have expressed their moral values for the way that we expect workers to be treated when City Council passed the Living Wage Ordinance. The Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) has taken more than $10 million in tax payer money and many millions more in donated facilities. Despite the museums reliance on the support of Philadelphians, the PMA leaders scoff at the moral values expressed by the Living Wage Ordinance. The PMA is using your tax money to harm workers. This Labor Day, stand up to the PMA with the POWR campaign.

This Labor Day weekend, our supporters will be mobilizing prayer in at least twenty congregations around the city. If you would like to make a prayer requests for these security guards who are fighting to win paid sick-leave at great risk to their jobs, then you can download a packet of information for your pastor at our campaign web-site or join our Cause on


Finally, we are asking supporters to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art on September 7 and wear a "My Security Guard Deserves Paid Sick Days" sticker into the museum.

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After you've seen the collections, stick around for our Blessing of the Hands Ceremony . This event will include live art, poetry, speech, song and prayer and will lift up the spirit of activists and low-waged workers who are fighting to better their lives.

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