Monday, August 11, 2008

Jobs with Justice supports Philadelphia City Workers (AFSCME)!

City employees live in every Philadelphia neighborhood. They work in every neighborhood. They serve in every neighborhood. They benefit every neighborhood. Money they earn here, they spend here. Download brochure by clicking on image to read about how our city workers' contract negotiations affects you.

City employees impact nearly every aspect of our lives from providing Birth Certificates to nursing the sick to ensuring clean drinking water to saving homes and saving lives.

Every City worker lives in Philadelphia, pays personal and property taxes in Philadelphia and spends their hard earned wages on Philadelphia housing, goods and services. Their family sustaining jobs and wages help keep property values higher and local businesses stable.

When salaries, health benefits and pensions are cut, less money goes into our local economy, where it is needed to provide jobs for many others.

Significant cutbacks reduce taxes collected to fund our schools and to maintain the city’s infrastructure. Any reduction in tax collection results in an immediate cut in city services.

And, significant cutbacks mean the loss of decent job opportunities in our City for our own kids as they graduate and seek family-sustaining employment of their own. Once the jobs are lost or privatized, they are hard to replace.

What you can do to help protect city services

The Big Business tax decisions made by City Council and the Mayor directly impact the delivery of services in your neighborhood. The loss of tax dollars from big business will require cuts in services in the coming months and years.

Call the Mayor and your Councilperson and tell them to put the needs of Philadelphia’s citizens and workers first -- ahead of WalMart.

Tell him you support full funding of City services and a fair contract for City workers.
Mayor Michael Nutter – 215-686-2181

Call today, before it’s too late!

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