Monday, August 11, 2008

About the Philadelphia Officers and Workers Rising Campaign (P.O.W.R.)

Philadelphia Jobs With Justice and POWR:

Workers, community, faith, and students; Together were building POWR
for workers in our city

The Philadelphia Officer and Workers Rising (POWR) campaign is a joint
project of Jobs with Justice and the Philadelphia Security Officer
Union. The POWR campaign aims to reform the private security industry
in the Philadelphia area.

Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor unions, community groups and
religious and student constituency organizations. We are dedicated to
building a movement for workers' rights and social and economic
justice on the principles of solidarity, reciprocity, militancy and

Jobs With Justice and POWR are fighting for:
A voice on the job
Respect and human rights in our work lives
Family sustaining wages across the board
Scheduled work assessments and pay increases
Affordable, quality health care
Fair advancement opportunities
Top quality training
Adequate work equipment and conditions
Affordable retirement options

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