Tuesday, June 7, 2011

States step up to recognize domestic workers!

Here's some breaking news. The California assembly just passed a bill providing nannies in the state of California with their rights as workers and human beings. The bill provides overtime compensation, paid vacation and sick days, advanced notice of termination, and various other critical benefits. The bill is now pending state senate approval. If passed, this bill will be a pioneer in the fight to protect workers who often lack legal recognition and status, and who are constantly exploited, abused, and denied basic human rights in homes nationwide.

California's decision itself follows not far behind similar legislation in New York, effective November 29, 2010. This legislation included domestic workers into major labor laws effecting other workers in the state, set paid leave time, established overtime requirements, as well as enacting numerous other protections. New York City alone has over 200,000 domestic workers doing essential work in the city; this legislation is a huge victory for all of them.

The movement to get recognition and legal protection for domestic workers is gaining momentum. Here in Philadelphia, domestic workers are already taking note and beginning to organize. We're really excited to be a part of this work--stay tuned for more information about domestic worker organizing at Philly JwJ!

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