Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Victory for Domestic Workers Internationally!

The International Labor Organization, meeting in Geneva, just reached a great agreement on a convention establishing basic rights for domestic workers everywhere. The final vote isn't until next week, but the ILO is now on the road to setting a key international labor standard. Final passage of the convention would give domestic workers the recognition they deserve, as well as granting certain critical rights. These rights include eliminating discrimination, eliminating forced labor, eliminating child labor, and allowing collective bargaining. The convention would also require contracts, fair hours, overtime pay, and wage protections. These provisions explicitly include migrant workers.

It's time that domestic workers everywhere received these basic workplace rights. If the ILO passes the convention, governments can then ratify it to make it national law. So, let's make sure that the ILO and countries worldwide begin recognizing these key rights!

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