Monday, March 7, 2011

Whose recovery?

Have those reports of an econonic recovery felt a bit... removed from your experience, Philadelphians? You're not alone. Philly CBS reports the following on a new poll conducted by Philadelphia Research Initiative:

What makes him think it’s the economy, even though we’re supposed to be in a recovery? The question: “Have you or someone in your household been unemployed in the last 12 months?” Last year, 49 percent said yes. This year, the number is 52 percent.

Over at Working Life, Jonathan Tasini reminds us that we should take a careful look at what indicators pundits are using to make the case that a real recovery is underway:

Right now the share of working-age population that is actively involved in the work force — that is, either in a job or actively looking for one — is at 64.2 percent. That is the lowest labor force participation rate in 25 years, an indication that many Americans are waiting for hiring to get better before resuming the job hunt.

Philadelphians, In New Survey, On A Bit Of A Downer About Philadelphia « CBS Philly

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