Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lynn Elsenhans is not our role model.

What has Lynn Elsenhans done for your community lately?

Well, if you're from the Greater Philadelphia area, then she's raised your unemployment rates and cut your neighbors' healthcare. She's even risked the lives of working Philadelphians by cutting corners and using an outdated chemical that can form giant, poisonous clouds of acid like this if accidentally released. And it wasn't until ABC shot an expose warning the public that Sunoco did anything about it.

Seriously, guys. Giant, poisonous clouds of acid. Not my idea of responsible leadership.

So you probably get why workers, students, and community members might be confused--baffled, even--that the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce had chosen to honor Elsenhans as a leader who has contributed "significantly to the socio-economic prosperity of the Greater Philadelphia region."

That's where Philly JwJ came in. Some members of USW 10-1, the steelworkers who risk their lives every day at Sunoco refineries, mentioned to us that they'd be protesting Elsenhans action outside the event. (and they did--I'm told it attracted 30 to 40 people).

Well, here at we decided to do a little investigating of our own. Specifically, we sent in 13 activists to call the famously reclusive Elsenhans on her past record. Two of our folks unfurled a banner reading "Real Leaders Don't Destroy Families." Meanwhile, dressed as detectives, other activists searched high and low for responsible leadership.

Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found.

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