Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PSOU: Special thanks to those who showed support in City Hall yesterday!

Yesterday, April 12, Philadelphia Museum of Art Director Tim Rub and President Gail Harrity entered City Council chambers with confident grins to make their case for funding the Art Museum next year. Rub even pointed to one of our signs and said sarcastically, "Looking good, honey. Just hold it a little higher!" 

But they left speechless and pale. On their way out, Rub's aid had to prompt him to respond to a reporter because he was staring off into thin air.

After Rub made it clear during the hearing that he had not done more than write a letter of support for security guards to City Council, Councilpeople laid into him for twenty minutes, demanding that he take stronger measures to push AlliedBarton to the negotiations table. Over 30 security officers and many community supporters held up signs. We cheered in support of City Council, and jeered Timothy Rub as he failed to answer the tough questions.

Special thanks to those of you who were able to be a part of the event!  We were not only spectators. Union members lobbied, turned out co-workers and helped design questions for City Council to ask. And our show of numbers gave City Council the confidence to seriously question the budget allocation to the Museum while workers rights are being abused. Security guards showed their power and are one step closer to having a voice on the job!
One day longer, Union stronger!

This message is from the Philadelphia Security Officers Union's organizers: Daniel Duffy, Eduardo Soriano-Castillo, and Fabricio Rodriguez.

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