Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcoming Change Party Rocks Philadelphia Museum

Supporters Welcomed Change for Security Guards Union at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Labor Day Weekend: Guards Gear Up For Union Recognition

Donate Now! To Make Sure JwJ Can Help These Workers Form An Independent Union!!!

Art lovers were treated to a uninvited, mobile concert by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra on Sunday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA). The concert was a party of a “Welcoming Party” that was organized by Jobs with Justice and the newly formed, Philadelphia Security Officers Union (PSOU). The PSOU filed a petition for union recognition with the National Labor Relations Board on September 3, 2009. (read about it in The Inquirer)

The party began at the bottom of the museum steps when Jobs with Justice activists started chanting “Ho ho, ha ha, we’re welcoming changer at the PMA, Ha ha ho ho poverty wages have got to go!” The Rude Mechanical Orchestra began banging on their drums, horns began blaring and people with party hats, horns and favors were dancing in the streets.

More than 130 supporters followed the marching band up the steps and around the south side of the museum. On the back side of the museum Lee Gee was playing music from the top of the steps overlooking Fairmount Park.

In addition to the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, the party featured, Thomas Robinson, Kathy Black, Reverend Schaunel Steinnagel, Juanita Love, Reverend Jay Broadnax, Bishop Dwayne Royster and Fabricio Rodriguez. Their messages of support were mixed with requests to Mr. Timothy Rub to declare that there will be no union busting on museum property.

The Living Water UCC Church in north Philadelphia also participated by offering prayer and by taking up a special offering during church services that day. The “Welcoming Change” fundraising campaign encourages supporters to donate pocket change to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, via Jobs with Justice. The funds which will be earmarked to give the security guards raises will be delivered to Timothy Rub when he takes over as the head of the museum. The fundraising campaign is in response to the recent role back of the expected $.25 per hour raises. The Living Water congregation raised $30 or raises for 7 security guards for one day of work.

The PSOU expects to hold an election sometime in late October. They can’t do it without your help though. You can help our by taking action from our web-site.
We also need your donations today!

Watch the Welcoming Change video and pass it on!

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