Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Historic Museum Election on October 9 and 10!

Security guard cheering on the Welcoming Change Party

For two years, guards at the Philadelphia Museum of Art have tried to win dignity for themselves and their families. But, they've been ignored.

Along with guards, thousands of JwJ supporters have let museum leaders and the employer, AlliedBarton, know that wages that fall below the Federal Poverty Guidelines, bad and expensive health care and inadequate training are not good enough for the men and women who protect our city's most priceless cultural treasures.

Have they heard us? No. We too have been ignored.

But not anymore. We're going to put 100 volunteer organizers into the museum to let the guards know they have the power to never be ignored again. Can you donate now to help Jobs with Justice get these organizers in the door? Click here: https://secure.ga3.org/08/PhillyDonate

On October 9th and 10th, the National Labor Relations Board will supervise an election to certify that the security guards at the museum have come together to form their own union!

The employer, AlliedBarton, is using fear and intimidatation to keep them from forming their own organization. This is the company that cancelled their expected $.25 raise that the guards earned, fair and square.

The next three weeks are critical to winning the union election. In order to overcome the AlliedBarton/ Philadelphia Museum of Art intimidation campaign, we will need to get our volunteer organizers into the museum every day to talk with the guards and tell them why it is their right to form a union. Donate now to get them in the door so that our organizers can help our museum guards win this historic campaign!


You can help us Welcome Change at the PMA by donating today!

In solidarity,

Fabricio Rodriguez

Fabricio Rodriguez, Executive Director JwJ

P.S. You can sign-up to be a supporter yourself! On Friday, September 25th, join us for UNION NIGHT AT ART AFTER FIVE! RSVP with Fabricio by calling 215-732-8318

P.P.S. To make matters worse, direct museum employees are joining the anti-union campaign. That's right. Museum employees are participating in union-busting meetings that are being held inside the museum. (sign our petition urging City Hall to prevent your tax dollars from being used in the anti-union campaign here)

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