Friday, July 31, 2009

Security Guard Unionism Ish!

Here's a reference from our campaigns past! About two years ago, we were contacted by Allied International Union. They sounded interested in affiliating the Philadelphia Security Officers Union and even came down to Philly and had a meeting with me and a labor lawyer friend of mine from Freedman and Lorry.

They were sternly (pun-ishable!) opposed to SEIU and were battling them in court in New York state over some shop raids. In fact, they were beating them. But, suddenly, as we were about to make an agreement with them, they quit returning our calls. I understand that Allied International Union was purchased by SEIU.

Anyway, here is a reference to Allied's less than noble past... (see page 43)

If the Employee Free Choice Act passes with the majority sign up clause, then security guards could form their own unions much easier. Workers would have a real choice, not just between union or non-union, but also to form their own independent union or an established, often unresponsive, existing union.

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