Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In early July, a delegation of guards and community supporters tried to deliver a letter to Gail Harrity (interim CEO of Phila Museum) requesting a meeting. We arrived before 9 at the administration offices of the museum and requested that someone, a secretary, and intern, anyone, from Ms. Harrity's office come out and take our letter and assure us that it would be given to the President.

A security guard came out and told us that he had direct orders to not take our letter.

We came back, hoping to catch Ms Harrity on her way to work and to make sure that others that she worked with knew what we were trying to do. We showed up before 9 am on July 24.

We talked with a bunch of workers as they went in as well as a major donor who was leaving the building after a meeting with the fundraising department. Almost everyone was nice to us even though a couple of the "higher-ups" were scowling at us from inside the gated parking lot. Shortly after 9 am a captain of the AlliedBarton guards showed up and told us to leave and we did without incident.

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