Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fabricio's comments from rally

Mark Schweiker, the President of the Chamber of Commerce is publically saying that the Employee Free Choice Act would take away workers ability to have a union election.

David L Cohen says that workers must be protected from unions by the government.

It is strange to hear business leaders like Mr Cohen, who has fought unions with all of their power, who have used the worst strong arm, intimidating tactics to frighten and harass their workers to prevent them from joining a union of their choosing, warning about worker intimidation.

If you look at the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, it looks like a hall of fame of workers rights violators. It includes representatives from Walmart, Verizon, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Allied Barton.

These companys have spent years perfecting the art of preventing workers from freely using their right to collective bargaining. These same companys, under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and front groups like the Alliance for Worker Freedom are trying to pass a resolution in our state legislature opposing the Employee Free Choice Act.

We are here to say that you can’t hide behind front groups Marc Schweiker and David Cohen, Chamber of Commerce. If you want to rob workers of the rights, you are going to have look us right in the eye. We are here to say that we will not stand by while you lie in the media about the Employee Free Choice Act. We are here to say that we are going to fight you and we are going to win!

Schweiker, no lies. Workers rights no compromise!
Schweiker, it’s not true. We know it and so do you!

We are here to inform the new members of the Chamber of Commerce that this organization is trying to harm workers in our city. The Chamber of Commerce is trying to prevent us from using our rights. You should raise this with the leaders of the Chamber. Tell them to stop lying about the Employee Free Choice Act!

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