Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EFCA protest today!

Mark Schwieker and the Chamber of Commerce are trying to prevent the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act with a campaign of lies!

WHAT: Protest the Chamber of Commerce's Campaign of Lies Against the Employee Free Choice Act

WHEN: Wed., June 3, 2009 at 5 pm SHARP!

WHERE: The Bellevue Hotel, 200 S. Broad St.

Mark Schweiker and the Chamber of Commerce are actively fighting the Employee Free Choice Act. It's one thing to have a difference of opinion about how people should form a union, but lying about what the Employee Free Choice Act will do is another.

Mark Schwieker and his friends at the Chamber of Commerce like David L Cohen (known for leading anti-union activity for years at Comcast Corp.) are campaigning against the Employee Free Choice Act in such a dishonest way that it must be hard for them to keep a straight face at times. Here is a sample of what they have been saying:

"By taking away the workers' freedom to choose...would compromise the very foundation of our democracy." Mark Schwieker

Mr. Schweiker is highly-educated and well-informed and KNOWs that this claim is overblown and untrue. Mr. Schweiker and the Chamber of Commerce knows that the Employee Free Choice Act would:

* Guaranteeing that if a majority of workers wants a union, they can have one, allowing them to form unions by signing cards authorizing union representation;
* Providing mediation and arbitration for first contract disputes; and
* Establishing stronger penalties for violation of employee rights when workers seek to form a union and during first contract negotiations.

Mr. Schweiker and the Chamber of Commerce through their front group, "Alliance for Worker Freedom," are currently pushing an anti-Employee Free Choice Act resolution through our state legislature. The Chamber of Commerce is also lobbying Sen. Arlen Specter to oppose allowing the bill to be debated in the Senate.

The Chamber of Commerce has a campaign of lies that it tells to its members about this bill. We want business leaders in our city to know the truth. The Employee Free Choice Act will improve the lives of thousands of workers across our city. The Employee Free Choice Act is an economic stimulus package for workers and businesses!

On June 3 at 5 pm, please join us to inform new members of the Chamber of Commerce (the Young Professionals Network and new member meeting) that they are about to be spoon fed some lies about this important law.

Members of the Philadelphia Security Officers Union, Thomas Robinson and Cecelia Lynch will be there educating these new business leaders about how if the Employee Free Choice Act were passed today, the guards at the Museum of Art, who have signed up a majority of their co-workers, would be a union.

Please come out and support the PSOU and the Employee Free Choice Act!!!

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Brian Johnson said...

My name is Brian Johnson and I am the Executive Director of the Alliance for Worker Freedom.

We are in no way associated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Please correct your story.

Thank you.

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