Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't say banana? Earned sick time applegram action TOMORROW, 9 am!

Have you been keeping up with the Earned Sick Time campaign? If not, don't worry; we'll catch you up.

So here's the deal: we want folks in Philly to be able to earn paid sick time. Now, that doesn't mean taking paid sick days whenever you want, all willy-nilly. It simply means the right to accumulate a few paid sick days each year at your job.
Which means if you're sick, or your kids are sick, you don't have to debate whether to A) lose your pay and fall behind on the mortgage, or B) work anyway and make everyone around you (or all the kids around your kid) sick, too.

Let's face it, that option B isn't too great for any of us. Especially working moms and other guardians, who are forced to choose between earning the income that sustains their family and caring for an ailing family member.

So show up tomorrow and show your support. Here are the details, courtesy of the Coalition for Healthy Families:

  • Moms and children will deliver over 700 letters to Philadelphia City Council Members and “Apple-o-grams” – apples with messages from local families to Council urging Members to support a bill that would guarantee workers the ability to accrue earned sick days. Each Apple-o-gram will include apples and a booklet with personal messages from local families and stories about the need for earned sick days.

    WHEN: 9:00 am, May 12, 2011

    WHERE: 4th Floor, Outside of Council Chambers City Hall Philadelphia

    The Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces Act (Bill No. 08074) would allow workers the opportunity to earn paid sick days to care for themselves or loved ones. The bill unanimously passed out of a committee on March 1, 2011. If the bill is passed, Philadelphia will become the fourth city in the country to pass earned sick days legislation so that workers can care for themselves or a sick family member.

    Help us show Council members the strong support for this bill by coming to City Hall. You are welcome to come to the press conference and then stay to help us deliver the baskets.

Pretty cool, right?


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