Monday, February 28, 2011

PA workers' rights next in Koch's crosshairs

As if public sector workers didn't have enough of a struggle coming up this year, it looks like the right wing billionaire Koch brothers have our Keystone state workers coming up on their hit list.

Writes Will Bunch over at the Daily News:
"Last week, the president of a tea-party-linked political group heavily funded by the Koch oil-and-gas fortune - Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity - told reporters covering the labor unrest in Wisconsin that Pennsylvania is one of three states, along with Ohio and Indiana, where the group plans a push to curb union benefits and power.

"Americans for Prosperity, or AFP - the national budget for which has soared to $40 million in the past two years with support from the Koch brothers and like-minded wealthy conservatives - sent another strong signal last week when it announced that former Reading-area lawmaker Sam Rohrer, who was backed by many tea-party groups when he ran for governor in the 2010 GOP primary, will serve as the group's state executive director.

" 'I personally believe - and I think AFP would underscore this - that anybody who's paid by the public, who's paid by the taxpayers, has neither the right to strike nor the right to collective bargaining,' Rohrer said in a phone interview."

Also interesting--Koch donated $5,000 to Corbett's campaign back in the fall. Looks like we've got a big fight on our hands this spring.

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