Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re-Scheduled > Walmart: We can't afford it in our communities

Thursday, February 3rd, 9:00 a.m.

West side of City Hall


This Thursday--a UFCW national day of action--join JwJers, NAACP, and UFCW to push City Council to let Walmart know that Philadelphia wants good, family-sustaining wages--not poverty wages. While unions have spent their time from Day 1 pushing for fair wages and working conditions ("Unions: from the people who brought you the weekend"), Walmart spends millions every year actively union-busting, hiring experts to prevent organizing and reverse the hard-won victories of working people's movements.

Walmart execs are always trying to sell us the line that new Walmarts mean new jobs. What they won't tell you is that for every 100 jobs a new Walmart creates, 50 community jobs disappear within a year--and 20 jobs within the Walmart disappear within 5 years due to "vertical integration" (Basker, University of Michigan 2004).

Join us Thursday, and make it clear to Council: our communities need real, lasting jobs--not poverty wage jobs that disappear as soon as the permits are signed and Walmart settles in.

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