Monday, November 29, 2010

Denver JwJ's rally in support of the ILA 1291 laid off Del Monte Fresh Produce workers

Check it out: more about the Denver action in solidarity with the ILA 1291 dockworkers and in support of the Del Monte Boycott.

Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez met the delegation outside in 28-degree weather and stated, “It’s a cold day and a cold night but this is an action of solidarity. We are here because what Del Monte is doing is undermining the fundamental pillars of the work force in America. They are taking us back to the 1920s.”

Councilman Lopez continued, “I personally will boycott Del Monte products until this issue is resolved and in a few moments we will be getting signatures from Denver City Council on a letter to the head of Del Monte.”

In other news, stay tuned for more information about this campaign. If Del Monte thinks ignoring these workers and their families will make this whole thing go away, they're dead wrong.

Last Monday was only the beginning.

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tbade said...

We may need a picketline in Gloucester the next time a DelMonte fruit ship arrives. It could be just an 'info' line to explain stuff but some truckers would likely slow down and a few may choose not to cross it - which would cost DelMonte some bucks and some disruption to their schedule.
Thurman Wenzl ILA 333 ret'd (Balto)

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