Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Action: Is Philly taking its cue from Arizona?

Jobs with Justice supporters of the Taxi Workers' Alliance rally in support at the PPA

Dear friend,

Today (July 6), Jobs with Justice received a chilling phone call from Taxi
Workers' Alliance.

As many of you are already aware,  just last Wednesday the
Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) participated in a dishonest and
exploitative raid at the request of Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE).

PPA sent out deceptive letters to 75 taxi drivers, promising to pay
them earned wages from credit card fare transactions. When they
arrived and requested the promised earned income, they were sent into
an office one at a time, then immediately thrown against a wall,
handcuffed, and locked up in a warehouse by ICE and the PPA. Some were
released when they were able to produce documents about their
citizenship; four drivers are still being detained.

The Taxi Workers' Alliance is calling for a prayer vigil tomorrow,
Wednesday June 7, at noon in front of the Parking Authority at 3101
Market street.

I hope you will join me there tomorrow in uniting against this unjust
and misleading attempt to trap low-wage immigrant workers.

In solidarity,
Gwen Snyder

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