Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 19 - Join AFL-CIO Pres. Trumka: Demand Good Jobs Now! Make Wall Street Pay!

Join AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Philadelphia Council President Patrick J. Eiding this Friday at Thomas Paine Plaza in downtown Philadelphia to tell big Wall Street banks it's time to pay up for the jobs America needs.

See the event flier below for details!

Wall Street banks helped cause the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and it's time to hold them accountable. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, homes and retirement savings, while the biggest Wall Street banks gave their executives an eye-popping $145 billion in pay and bonuses last year.

The audacity of these bankers, the very same people we bailed out with hundreds of billions of dollars, is shocking. It's time to take it to the streets, and this Friday in Philadelphia we're going to do just that when we demand Wall Street:

# Stop refusing to pay your fair share to create the 11 million jobs America needs.
# Stop fighting financial reform.
# Start lending to your communities, small businesses and others starved for credit.

Join President Trumka, President Eiding and others in Philadelphia this Friday.

To Make Wall Street Pay, we support taxing Big Bank bonuses and transactions by big Wall Street speculators, the people who created the current economic crisis. A tax on financial speculation can discourage unhealthy financial trading while raising money to create jobs and reduce the deficit.

Wall Street must pay for a major jobs plan to extend unemployment insurance benefits, food assistance and health benefits.

Wall Street must pay to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Wall Street must pay for aid to state and local governments to save critical services and jobs.

Wall Street must pay to increase funding for neglected communities to match people who need jobs with work that needs to be done.

Wall Street must use TARP money to get credit flowing to small businesses for job creation.

Join us this Friday and Make Wall Street Pay.

In solidarity,

Marc Laitin
AFL-CIO Online Mobilization Coordinator

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