Friday, September 26, 2008

SLAP speaks out for Temple Proffesors and AFSCME 1723

Over the years, SLAP has stood up for the Temple professors union, TAUP, at contract time. As the professors near the end of their contract, SLAP activists have already let their solidarity be known in this weeks Temple News...

After months of negotiating, the university’s 1,250-member faculty union, the Temple Association of University Professionals, and the administration have yet to reach an agreement regarding faculty contracts that are due to expire Oct. 15....

“I think it’s appalling that the university is shooting down everything TAUP’s asked for,” said Wes Weaver, president of Temple’s Student Labor Action Project. “The university is going down a bad path. They’re promoting an unhealthy working environment.

“It’s important to students that faculty be treated fairly and with the respect they deserve because it’s directly linked to their performance as educators,” said Weaver, a junior geography and urban studies major. “If not, students aren’t getting what they’re paying for.”

Although SLAP has not yet taken an official stance on this issue, if TAUP needs its support, Weaver said his organization will definitely give it to the association.

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